Sunday 13 March, 12pm 

On Sunday head down to the Yarra at noon to watch one of the most surprising spectacles of creativity and community spirit – the Birdman Rally. Bound to set new heights in 2016, the Birdman Rally will amaze spectators as a flock of entrants don their inventive homemade flying devices and jump from the banks of the Yarra to see who can soar the furthest for charity.

A longstanding feature of the festival, the Birdman Rally is packed with just the right amount of silliness and loads of goodwill as participants compete as either Hawks or Penguins for the Charity Jackpot.

Fundraising efforts of our Birdmen contribute towards extra ‘distance’ being added to their score. The majority of fundraising is conducted through

Help our Birdmen soar! 
Visit to choose your favourite participants, and show your support by donating to their fundraising to help them win the Charity Jackpot!
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Competition Categories 


The Hawks

Harriet the Hawk is an intelligent bird. She has acute eyesight, muscular legs, a sharp bill, and she loves to fly in high places. Participants in the Hawk category are serious and more technical, competing to fly the longest distance in their self-built crafts.

The Penguins

Percy the Penguin is a social and fun bird. He's not so good at flying, but is a terrific swimmer and loves to entertain the crowd. Our Birdman Penguins will be judged on the creativity of their costume, craft and support team.

Prize categories 

Charity icon
Charity Jackpot
The Charity Jackpot: where the fundraising efforts of our Birdmen really come into play. For every $100 raised over and above the $500 minimum, Birdmen will be awarded an extra metre to their technical flight distance. The Penguin or Hawk who has the biggest total distance, including these extra fundraising metres, will be the overall Charity Jackpot winner.
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First Place Hawk
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First Place Penguin
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Funniest Moment
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Best Landing
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Best Hangtime