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Theatre & shows

Melbourne offers a wealth of entertainment options. Catch a performance at one of Melbourne's many theatre venues – there are many great shows, musicals and plays to enjoy.
La Cage Aux Folles - Friday 21 November 2014 to Sunday 07 December 2014 - Performing arts

La Cage Aux Folles

21 Nov 2014 - 7 Dec 2014, Playhouse
La Cage Aux Folles, the Tony Award-winning musical famous for 'I Am What I Am', stars Todd McKenney, Simon Burke, Rhonda Burchmore and Marg Downey.
The Listies Ruin Xmas - Wednesday 25 November 2015 to Sunday 13 December 2015 - Performing arts

The Listies Ruin Xmas

25 Nov 2015 - 13 Dec 2015, Malthouse Theatre
The Listies Ruin Xmas is a Frankenstein's monster of a holiday panto. Its mission? To make families laugh as much as possible in 55 minutes.
They Saw a Thylacine - Tuesday 15 September 2015 to Sunday 04 October 2015 - Performing arts

They Saw a Thylacine

15 Sep 2015 - 4 Oct 2015, Malthouse Theatre
For a thylacine tracker and a zoo keeper's daughter, they're on a quest not just to protect a threatened creature, but themselves as well.
Antigone - Friday 21 August 2015 to Sunday 13 September 2015 - Performing arts


21 Aug 2015 - 13 Sep 2015, Malthouse Theatre
This reinterpretation of Sophocles' timeless tragedy isn't afraid to get its hands dirty as it unearths the power of ritual in a shattered community.
A Social Service - Tuesday 11 August 2015 to Saturday 29 August 2015 - Performing arts

A Social Service

11 Aug 2015 - 29 Aug 2015, Malthouse Theatre
Featuring Nicola Gunn and David Woods, this smart performance sticks its nose into the gap between rich and poor, and smells something funny.
I Am a Miracle - Saturday 18 July 2015 to Sunday 09 August 2015 - Performing arts

I Am a Miracle

18 Jul 2015 - 9 Aug 2015, Malthouse Theatre
Set to a stirring choral score, this transcendent new play stretches from Melbourne to the Texas State Penitentiary.
Love and Information - Friday 12 June 2015 to Saturday 04 July 2015 - Performing arts

Love and Information

12 Jun 2015 - 4 Jul 2015, Malthouse Theatre
The latest hit from legendary dramatist Caryl Churchill creates an ingeniously recognisable portrait of the modern era.
Timeshare - Thursday 23 April 2015 to Sunday 17 May 2015 - Performing arts


23 Apr 2015 - 17 May 2015, Malthouse Theatre
Timeshare plots a comedic escape to a ramshackle resort that time forgot, with award-winning writer Lally Katz and the Debate Society’s Oliver Butler.
Meme Girls - Wednesday 08 April 2015 to Saturday 02 May 2015 - Performing arts

Meme Girls

8 Apr 2015 - 2 May 2015, Malthouse Theatre
In Meme Girls, Ash Flanders points his satirical sense of humour squarely at the desperate voices crying out for attention in our online neighbourhood
Wot? No Fish!! - Tuesday 24 February 2015 to Sunday 08 March 2015 - Performing arts

Wot? No Fish!!

24 Feb 2015 - 8 Mar 2015, Malthouse Theatre
Wot? No Fish!! turns the Solomons' strange and wonderful history into a humorous and heart-warming narrative for all ages.

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